Your Dwelling – Your Suburb – All exits have been blocked.

The power has been cut and it will be some time before it is restored.

Are you Prepared to Survive Anything ?

The hazards are overwhelming, it is dark, it is cold, it’s windy and many of your home comforts are no longer available to you and your family, the children are all distressed, the animals are going beserk and everyone wants to know what you are going to do about it …… never been there ? ….  well don’t be the one who thinks ” it won’t happen to me” because thats when it ususally does….  in saying this I hope it never does, but being prepared goes a long way in feeling safe especially when you know trouble coming and you’ve decided to sit it out.

If you select to use  ‘power pack’ type emergency power there are many units available varying in their output capabilities and used as is or connected as per the following paragraphs.

If you use a gas type emergency power the installation is relatively simple depending on how far you want to go, it may be you only want the standby unit sitting in the garage ( if there ‘s enough room ? ) or attached to the outside of the house in its own weatherproofed area.

Alternatively either type can be permanently connected to a powerpoint located either in the garage if the unit is housed outside or if  housed in the garage, just through the wall to the inside of your dwelling. Then if you are really keen the power can be extended to one or more lighting points installed where you feel they would be  mostly needed.

It goes without saying that all installations must be carried out independently and in no way connected to your normal electricity supply.

But just think for a moment, with one operative power point in the house when you’ve lost power, you can plug in the toaster, we all love toast, boil the jug to have a cuppa, and provided you have water Mum can wash her hair and blow dry it, now thats got to be a plus……when thats all done plug in your portable T.V. forget about your laptop till after the local news.

If your neighbors dont like you now I’m sure that will change when you can help them out, that is during an emergency.

That is all for Power….. more coming up there’s….food…..water….clothing….shelter….so stay tuned

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