WHEN DISASTER HITS   Are you Prepared to Survive Anything ?

Your Dwelling  -–-  Your Suburb  —  All exits have been blocked.

The power has been cut and it will be some time before it is restored.

Now the HUNGER PAINS have set in everyone is SCREAMING  for food.

At least you’ve got power, didn’t do anything ! (pity) goto post # 1.


As there’s not an never ending variety of food to select from, what is available can be said to be sufficient and to eleviate the problem of maybe having to satisfy everyones palate, the choice of this survival food should remain is your hands making sure there’s a strong possibility that personal likes will be well covered, check here for a couple.

If by chance you decide to ask all concerned what their choices may be, finding suitable items that they request could take some time and the disaster could well have been and gone. It might be well to note that the length of disaster forcing you to stay put should not be too long but will of course depend on where you are located.